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– Espresso Con Panna: Espresso topped with whip cream
– Macchiato: Espresso with a dollop of frothed milk on top
– Americano: Espresso with hot water
– Shot in the Dark: Espresso and brewed coffee

Brewed Coffee

Enjoy the area’s favorite coffee each day! Everyday we serve our locally famous house blend, a choice dark and medium, two flavored and decaf. Our coffees have been hand picked from world famous roasters and growers around the country – from Seattle to Chicago. Experience amazing coffee not found anywhere else in our area.

Slow Drip Coffee

Penny Lane slow drip coffee is a method which involves pouring water over roasted, ground coffee beans contained in a filter. Water seeps through the ground coffee, absorbing its oils and essences, solely under gravity, then passes through the bottom of the filter.

– Café Au Lait: Half brewed coffee, half steamed milk
– Café Vienna: Café Au Lait topped with whip cream and cinnamon

Hot Drinks

– Cappuccino: Espresso with steamed milk and topped with milk froth
– Café Latte: Espresso and steamed milk
– Café Mocha: Café Latte with chocolate syrup
– Café Breve: Espresso and steamed ½ and ½
– Chai Latte: ½ Spiced black tea ½ steamed milk
– Chocolate Chai Chocolate syrup, ½ spiced black tea and ½ steamed milk
– Hot Apple Chai: ½ Spiced black tea, ½ apple juice
– Steamer: Steamed milk with a flavor shot
– Hot Cocoa
– Hot Organic Teas

*All drinks can be made ice

Cold Drinks

– Iced Coffee: Brewed coffee over ice
– Iced Latte: Espresso and milk over ice
– Frozen Latte (Mocha, Caramel or Vanilla) blended coffee drink
– Iced Mocha: Chocolate syrup, espresso and milk over ice
– Iced Chai: ½ Spiced black tea, ½ milk over ice
– Iced Chocolate Chai: Chocolate syrup, ½ spiced black tea and ½ milk over ice
– Iced Apple Chai: ½ Spiced black tea, ½ apple juice over ice
– Orange Juice
– Milk
– Soy Milk
– Chocolate Milk
– Iced Tea
– Flavored Iced Tea
– Italian Soda
– Italian Cream Soda
– Coca Cola Products
– Dad’s Root Beer
– Jones Soda
– Bottled Water

Penny Lane Smoothies

Ready for a healthy, natural, real fruit smoothie that tastes great and gets you the nutrients and health benefits that only all natural juice can? Swing through any location and try our amazing smoothies!

– California Dreamin’: Frozen banana, orange juice and pineapple juice
– Shambala: Frozen blueberries, mango juice, soy milk and honey
– – Strawberry Fields: Frozen strawberries, pineapple juice and soy milk
Dirty Hippie: Frozen peaches, mango juice and soy milk

*Flaxseed and protein can be added to smoothies upon request

Specialty Drinks

Instant Karma: Quad shot caramel latte 4.70/5.25
White Rabbit: White chocolate, almond latte 4.25/4.80
VooDoo Child: Caramel, vanilla, chocolate latte topped with whip cream 4.35/5.10
Raspberry Truffle: Raspberry , chocolate latte topped with whip cream 4.25/4.80
White Chocolate Mocha: White chocolate latte 3.95/ 4.60