Penny Lane Coffeehouse in Evansville, Indiana’s most unique and welcoming independent coffee establishments.

Penny Lane has always offered an eclectic atmosphere that can appeal to any coffeehouse goer, from young to old, business people to hippies, moms and daughters or a student looking for a warm, friendly place to study. We have won numerous local awards for best coffee and serves one of the most finely pulled espressos in town. Whether it’s a vegan or organic pastry or sausage breakfast sammich, there’s something on the menu for every lifestyle and taste.

Evansville Restaurant
Experience the culture, vibe and people of downtown Evansville with the best baristas in the area of course 🙂
Penny Lane is a virtual labyrinth of comfortable nooks and crannies, perfect for long study sessions, conversations with friends or just a quite minute to yourself.

Framed with books and an eclectic collection of art, Penny Lane offers a unique feel that only a visit here can describe. The Penny Lane patio is an attraction in itself, gracing the front of the establishment, it’s not uncommon to see an eclectic mix of business suits to classic rock t-shirts, expensive shoes to flip flops, well groomed hair to dreadlocks. The atmosphere at Penny Lane is unmatched in the Evansville area. From random art, crafts, jewelry and more to live music on weekends, make Penny Lane a daily routine for you and your family.

Amidst the hustle and bustle of life, this is one place to take time and remember why you’re living.

Our baristas are one of the best features at Penny Lane, offering an ear, a smile and occasionally a hug to the variety of students, professionals, politicians and those who have the time to sit for the area’s best cup of coffee. Take time today to stop by, say hi, listen to some great music, enjoy a delicious meal with a tasty drink…and experience life at Penny Lane!

Penny Lane Coffeehouse Pics